Listed here are some plugins that I have created…

Swoosh Machine

Swoosh machine is a VST plugin for PC designed to create the swooshing and wooshing noises heard in lots of trance and dance tracks. It is basically a white noise generator passed through a filter. However this plugin allows you to create different sounds by giving the option of three different LFO’s. Each LFO can be adjusted independently and each LFO can be assigned to either Volume, Pan or Filter in any combination. This allow for overlapping LFO values to get some crazy effects. It is also possible to sync one of the LFO’s to tempo. The plugin also has full midi implementation, to allow for full expressive control of the sweep sound.




EQ37 is an effect plugin designed to emulate the EQ section of the Vestax PMC37Pro DJ mixer. I’ve had lots of fun with this mixer in the past so I decided to make a plugin for it.


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