Carillon Mofos

No that’s not a swear, thats really what they are called, I swear!

These badboys are basically foam blocks that sit under your monitor speakers and isolate the speaker housing from the furniture to prevent any unwanted resonance and vibrations through the funiture itself. I orginally had ordered these before I built my studio thinking¬† ‘sure, I’m gonna need these‘, but as it turned out the Genelec 8040A’s that I purchased to replace my aging Alesis Monitor One’s, have rubber pads built in that serve the same purpose. Nevermind, The Mofos worked out perfect for my DJ monitors, which are now my old reference monitors, they give a little more hight so the speakers are closer to your ears and they provide a perfect 5 degree tilt, so when I am standing at the decks the speakers are pointing directly at my head….!¬†¬† arrrr volume, we all love it !!

These foam pads seemed a little better than others I looked at because they have a backing plate that gives extra stability, which I hope stops the speaker bouncing around and falling off……

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