Playing on Ravers Paradise…soon…

Last night I logged into Ravers Paradise, created myself and account and had a listen to what was playing. It just happened to be a DJ friend of mine, DJ Shade banging out some excellent Old Skool tunes. I like the site and enjoyed the time I spent there. There are interactive pages and you can listen to the stream as you interact with the tools and forums. Although, some of the site code does need a little bit of work in relation to general tidiness, it doesn’t matter though because it all seems to work.

As it turns out after I was on the site for only a few minutes and chatting to Commodore, one of the site admins, he set me up as a DJ and pointed me towards the info for setting up the stream so I can play a set! Wow! So it looks like very soon I will be banging out a set on Ravers Paradise, can’t wait! So get set, go create your login and get ready for something special….

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