How happy are you ?

Hare you Happy To Be Hard ? Well if you are not and you want to be, then you should show up tomorrow night…. I’ll be spinning tunes at Happy To Be Hard a Paul Holden party…. You should come…. Nothing but the best happy hardcore tunes from the mid to late 90’s. I’m on early , 11p-12a, and will be spinning tunes with a very happy vibe to get things warmed up. Then we can hang out…..

The devil made me do it

As you may or may not be aware, I have gone back to school, doing an audio engineering course. To say the least, it’s a trip, being in class with people that are about half your age and already having the understanding of most of the stuff so far. I say ‘so far’ because I am expecting it to get a lot tougher when I get into the Diploma level stuff next year. Recording and live sound are things which I have little experience and will be expected to master, no worries, that’s why I’m there! Anyway, amongst other things they expect me to do assignments which generally involve either listening to music or sitting in the studio for hours on end writing music, both of which I am very comfortable with. One of these ‘assignments’ involved listening to a piece of music and analyzing it, you know, number of bars, key, that sort of thing. I decided to take it a little bit further and actually try to reprogram the entire track! I’ve done this before, but this track was probably the most difficult one that I have done to date, crazy 303’s and FX sounds. The original track is Devil by Infected Mushroom. Now if you know this track at all then you will notice that this is not the entire thing, that’s because we where only give the first 5 minutes to analyze and the track gets really nasty after that point and I didn’t want to make things to difficult for myself. Anyway this is my cover version, which I did over two sessions in about 8 hours… enjoy….