Mixes for you

I have some fantasitc goodies for you all today. Finally I have found a decent place (and way) of storing all my DJ sets, Mixcloud. What great thing this is, free to use, unlimited storage, zero restrictions it seems. One problem, it’s not possible to download any of the sets… B-( However I think that is almost irrelevent now given the connected nature of all our devices, and besides there are ways of working around things like that, I’m sure you are clever enough….. anyway my profile is HERE, and below is what you will see if you click the MIXES link at the top of the page.

Is this the real life ?

I only recently heard that at some time in the past Queen released the 24 track masters of Bohemian Rhapsody. I really don’t think they where ‘released’ more like leaked, probably at a time when a re-mastered version of their tracks was being done. So, I went hunting and found it on the interwebs… ahhhh fantastic interwebs! and I could not resist the chance to take a listen and mix the track for myself. All I can say is that this must have been a feat of engineering prowess, nearly every second of all 24 tracks was used up, the engineer would have been working overtime on the faders to get this down, it would have been a fantastic performance in it’s own right.

This youtube clip is the end result of my attempt at it, with all the advantages of a modern DAW. I had fun with it, I did not reference the original because I figured there was not point in just doing the original over again, I wanted to put my own spin on it. I wanted to beef things up a bit and bring the vocals and harmonies out more, they are so epic! I took a little creative license with some panning, especially on the vocals to make the mix move around a bit more and I also went through and cut out a lot of noise and applied noise cancelling where required to get rid of that dirty 1970’s grunge. Anyway, it is what it is, I could play with this for days, but it’s always good to call it over and move on to the next thing. Oh, and you can download a high quality version here.

I’m in the clouds

Finally I have sorted out how I am going to get my music to the masses. On my old website I had this dodgy setup using a tool called Zina, it wasn’t perfect, but it allowed me to list my tracks in albums and track what downloads where occuring. But now we have soundcloud and its way better, However as with most things these days, to make it any good I had to pay them some money… well that’s the way things are now I guess. It’s all there, old/new/bad & good, I only get 12 hours of storage however so I will only be keeping the last 5 DJ mixes on there. I expect that I will eventually have to delete some tracks aswell once I get around to writting some more…..

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