Top 100 music blogs, yeah baby!

So my blog, this blog you are reading now, has been listed in the top 100 music blogs of 2013! This surprises me as much as it does you! You can take a look at it for yourself HERE. I Come in at number 90, right up there with BillFoolery and MrBrungle, which I have no idea what he is saying other than he has ‘Invisible Hands‘. I can now do one of two things, lift my game and try to get to number 1 or just continue doing what I have always done…. ie: not very much…. so considering that I never really expected to get this far with this blog I think I will just continue to do what I have always done…. easy! Now for the hard part, I need to add a picture to this article (because that is what I always do, and it looks real good on the page), so here is a nice picture of a rehearsal session we had the other night. I took the picture, on the right is Brad and on the decks is Alex…. we are putting an album together…..Rehersal Session 10/4/13

Studio Session

Over the weekend I got to work in another studio. When I say studio I just mean a small room with some instruments in it, it really was just a practice studio. But these days you can really make a studio wherever you have a laptop and a soundcard. This room was cool I suppose, fairly well sound proofed and lots of instruments just lying around, including a Roland XP-80 and an X-Station 25… which I made use of. There where also many, many other pieces of old gear lying around including a big pile of jumbled cables and a drum kit with heads that where way to lose and gave me a headache!

I’m in the clouds

Finally I have sorted out how I am going to get my music to the masses. On my old website I had this dodgy setup using a tool called Zina, it wasn’t perfect, but it allowed me to list my tracks in albums and track what downloads where occuring. But now we have soundcloud and its way better, However as with most things these days, to make it any good I had to pay them some money… well that’s the way things are now I guess. It’s all there, old/new/bad & good, I only get 12 hours of storage however so I will only be keeping the last 5 DJ mixes on there. I expect that I will eventually have to delete some tracks aswell once I get around to writting some more…..

Latest tracks by Steve Reaver


Well here it is finally, the new  Done in wordpress, and it has taken me the best part of today to get it looking like this. I’m still not 100% happy with it. Still plenty to do and heaps of stuff to add, as you can no doubt see. I want to blog every weekday in June so I will need a platform that makes things easy and wordpress certainly does that. Anyway I’ve really had enough of this today, expect some goodness tomorrow.