DJ Hi Shock

I haven’t talked about any other artists for a while, so lets do…. Artist of the week….

Hi-Shock is a techno artists that has been active even longer than I have, we crossed paths briefly back in the late 90’s but since then I’ve not had anything to do with him other than seeing his name appear on the odd party flyer. I had no idea what he had been up to until I friended him on Facebook and checkout his happenings. Looks like you have been busy in the last 10 years… excellent !

DJ Hi-shock, Simon, to his friends, has been busily building an arsenal of deep and minimal techno tracks that could sink a battle ship. Taking a tour through his profile on Beatport will give you a taste of the sonic experiments he has embarked upon. From the traditional deep, full, techno sound of Ageha, The angry and dirty warehouse feel of Zath and a few surprises from Asama Express which sends you on a ride of anticipation, expect nothing but full on in your face minimal tech.

With his record label Elektrax in full swing and churning out plenty of tunes I think we will hear much more from Hi-Shock. Excellent work.