What a set!!!!

I just smashed out what could only be described as my best live stream ever! Granted I’ve not done a lot of streams…. but anyway it was still awesome. The Sydney Rave History Crew invited me to do a set on their long weekend mix-a-thon and I had an absolute blast, the feedback from you all was incredible. And maybe one day we will get to do it in person in a live venue. I have made my set available for you to download, warts and all. Get the MP3 here, or the high-quality FLAC here. Or stream it from my MixCloud.

Lets get ready to party!!!!


Get set for a treat. To celebrate my upcoming set at Elysian I am releasing (almost) every CD and mixed tape I have ever made in super high quality FLAC format! and you will be able to download them right from here. This has been 20 years in the making and about two weeks worth of work getting all the files converted and uploaded ready for you to enjoy.

For those of you that are not aware yet, I will be playing a special set at Elysian this weekend on the 19th March. I am down for the 9pm set. Doors open at 8pm so make sure you are there early so as to not miss a single thing. Vision Four 5 are down to play a live set at 12am, and I can tell you I am looking forward to that.

My set will consist entirely of tracks that I have written over my 25 year music career, some you will know and some have just been freshly made, but all are high N-R-G, hands-in-the-air tracks that will defiantly be crowd pleasers.

So dive in and take a look at the track lists below, download and listen, I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

(P.S. You will need a decent media player like Media Monkey to play FLAC files, as iTunes cannot play them. Your player will also need to have seamless playback so that gaps are not left between each track)

May ’95 – 1995 – House – GET IT
01. Unrest feat. Beverley Skeete – Feel So High (Original Mix)
02. Alison Price – For Your Heart (Rapless Mix)
03. Reggy O. – Move Your Body (Extended Version)
04. Tin Tin Out – Always [Something There To Remind Me] (Original Mix)
05. Marcia Johnson – Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
06. Antares – Ride On A Meteorite (Alternative Mix)
07. Intermission – Six Days (Veen Hai – NRG Mix)
08. The Nation – You Can Run (Elevation For The Nation Mix)
09. JX – You Belong To Me (JX & Red Jerry Mix)
10. Systematic – Love Is The Answer (Spectrum Version)
11. Polaris – Frozen Luv (Extended Mix)
12. Nevada – Don’t U Bring Me Love (Extended Mix)
13. Interactive – Forever Young (Extended Version)
14. DJ Max V – Feel For Me (Synbrack Mix)
15. Pelican – Don’t You Know (Club Mix)

A House Mix – 1996 – House – GET IT
01. Shady – Pearls (Hallelujah) (Paul Gotel’s Pacha Soundscape)
02. Hardrive – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
03. Chris & James – Tune In (Animal House Mix)
04. In 2 U – Everything (Itchy & Scratchy Mix)
05. Mr Roy – Saved (Original Mix)
06. Unknown – Unknown
07. The Piano Project – Love 2 Love
08. 99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (Original Mix)
09. Strike – U Sure Do (Guest List Mix)
10. Lovedeejay Akemi – It’s What’s Up Front That Counts
11. Helicopter – Jamama (Aquarius Remix)

Trance ’97 – 1997 – Trance – GET IT
01. BT – Flaming June (BT & PvD Mix)
02. Disco Nation – Rock Da Jam (D.O.N.S. Extended Mix)
03. Space Brothers – Shine (Full Vocal 12inch Mix)
04. Kosmonova – Ayla (Extended Mix)
05. DJ Quicksilver – Bellissima (DJ Phillip Mix)
06. Moonman – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix
07. Kosmonova – Take Me Away (Extended)
08. Mach 1 – Illuminate ’97
09. Pablo Gargano – The Runner (NRG Mix)
10. LSG – Hidden Sun Of Venus (12in Version)
11. Juno Reactor – Jungle High (Our House Remix)

Byron Bay – 1997 – Trance – GET IT
01. BT – Embracing The Sun (Sasha’s Remix)
02. Paul Van Dyke – Beautiful Place (Salt Tank Remix)
03. Axum Blend – Karma (Ashtrax Remix)
04. Faithless – Salva Mea (Way Out West Remix)
05. Q:Dos – Nocturnal Spirit (Gatecrasher Epic Mix)
06. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Solar Stone Remix)
07. Crystal Clear – Distant Drum (Original Mix)
08. Qattara – Come With Me (Qattara Pure Mix)
09. Golden – BMF (Original Mix)
10. Scott Project – U [I Got A Feeling] (V-Mix)
11. XVX – Psalm (Original Mix )

UK Fresh – 1998 – House – GET IT
01. Billy Ray Martin – Immitation of Life (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)
02. Culture Club – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Quivver Mix)
03. Doolally – Straight from the Heart (Funkforce Vocal Mix)
04. Ruff Driverz – Shame (Ruffcoder Mix)
05. The Escort Agency – Stricty High (Paul Gotel & Rob Davis Remix)
06. Mouse T. vs Hot ‘N’ Juicy – Horny (Boris Gets Horny Mix)
07. Steve Reaver – Get Off (Original Pumpin’ Mix)
08. Three ‘N One – You Should Be Dancing (Original Mix)
09. Radical Players – The Hook (Original Mix)
10. Trotters Independent Traders – It’s Time for House (Original Mix)

Dont’ You Want Some – 1999 – Hardhouse – GET IT
01. Intrepid Man – You Make Me Function (Dub)
02. Dex & Nik C – Groundswell (Original Mix)
03. Speedo – All Systems Go (Euphoria Mix)
04. Junior Camp – Clap Your Hands (Kulak Mix)
05. Brain Bashers – Sex (Orgasm Mix)
06. Ian M – Annihilation (Original Mix)
07. Tekno King – Innsomniak (Emporium Mix)
08. Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me (Original 12” Vocal)
09. Trauma – Higher (Original Mix)
10. Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver (Original Mix)
11. Od404 – Block Party (G-Shock Mix)
12. Steve Thomas – Put Your House in Order (Original Mix)
13. Od404 – Block Party (Baby G Mix)

A Guide To House – 1999 – House – GET IT
01. Lethal Carwash – DJ Tool One (Original Mix)
02. ND – Lost (Original Mix)
03. LA Tremenda – My Style (Truth Or Dare Slammin’ Club Mix)
04. Sunshine State – Roots, Feel Too High (Original Mix)
05. FPI Project – Everybody All Over The World (D&D Classic Vocal Mix)
06. Anjuman – Speak No English (Johan & Detox Club Mix)
07. ATB – 9pm ‘Till I Come (Signum Remix)
08. Rollergirl – Dear Jessie (Diggler Long Mix)
09. Transitions – Winds of War (Original Mix)
10. Venga Boys – Up and Down (Airplay XXL Mix)
11. DJ Peran – Breakin’ Records (Ibiza Remix)
12. Strictly Pumpin’ – Rip It Up (Original Mix)

Italian Style – 2000 – Italohouse – GET IT
01. Andromeda – Do You Wanna Right Now (Extended Mix)
02. Silvia Coleman – Allright (Experience Mix)
03. Infinity – Dirty Love (Directory Mix)
04. Andromeda – We’ve Got to Live Together (D.J. Larbi Mix)
05. Louis Creole – I Love Music (Dark Family Mix)
06. Antares – Ride On a Meteorite (Extended Mix)
07. Magic Marmalade – Again ‘N’ Again (Extended Mix)
08. Alison Price – I Need, I Want (Aladino Remix)
09. Humanize – Do You Know My Name (Extended Mix)
10. Dominoes – Can’t Give Up (Club Mix)
11. Synthesis – Time Is Right (Destination X Mix)
12. Aladino – Brothers in the Space (Grunge Happy Mix)
13. Phase Generator – Loving You (Sequencer Impact Mix)
14. Copernico – Got the Power (Flange Club Mix)
15. Loren-X – Shake It Up (Big Bass Mix)
16. Magic Marmalade – Easy (Club Mix)
17. Yama – Do It Do It (One Two One Two Mix)
18. Copernico – Good Morning (Energy Mix)

This Beat Is Slammin’ – 2000 – Hard House – GET IT
01. The Captain & Steve Thomas – The Leader (Original Mix)
02. BK – Funk DJ (Original Mix)
03. Overload – Jealous Bitch (Original Mix)
04. Quick Release – The Power (Whelk’s Powerhouse Mix)
05. The Project – Meltdown (Od404 Mix)
06. Mark NRG – Brain Is the Weapon (Od404 Mix)
07. Gridlock 3000 – Fantastic Thing (Chopper’s Megalixir Club)
08. Rockerpella vs LTS – Gonna Get Ya (Original Mix)
09. Lizard – Gonna Get Ya (Claxixx Mix)
10. Beatbusters – Oye Coma VA (Balearic Bounce Mix)
11. Strictly Pumpin’ – Ripit Up (Original Mix)
12. 2 Slags – Pet Rescue (Steve Thomas Mix)
13. Venga Boys – Kiss (Airscape Remix)

Break Of Dawn – 2000 – Break Beat – GET IT
01. Alk-E-D – Home (DJ Hame Remix)
02. JJ – 99 Balloons (Original Mix)
03. Happy Division – You Make Me Happy (Original Mix)
04. DJ Poosie – It’s Gonna Be (Original Mix)
05. DJ Brisk – Airhead (SMD Remix)
06. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Take Me Away (Slipmatt Remix)
07. DJ Dna – Reality (Justin Time Remix)
08. Billy “daniel” Bunter + D-Zyne – Ride Like the Wind (Original Mix)
09. Sunset Regime & Billy Bunter – You Make Me Feel (Original Mix)
10. Steve Reaver – It Makes Me Feel (Original Mix)
11. Undercover Elephant – Scratch DJ (Original Mix)
12. Redstart – 4 Me & 4u (Original Mix)
13. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness (Original Mix)

Dance On The Groove – 2001 – Rave House – GET IT
01. The Urban Sound of Amsterdam – Party Time (Pee Wee’s Lunacy Mix)
02. Sharada House Gang – Dancing Through the Night (Extended Mix)
03. Neos Lights – Dance to the Trance (Raggatrance Mix)
04. R.A.F. – Just Take Me Higher (Extended Mix)
05. Jinny – Feel the Rhythm (U.S.U.R.A. Mix)
06. Agostini – Dance On the Groove (D-Stressed Dance Mix)
07. Drop – Make It Together (Extended Mix)
08. Mozaic – Nothing in the World (Motiv 8 Full On Pumping Mix)
09. Motiv 8 – Rockin’ for Myself (Ultimate Vocal Mix)
10. Sam Paganini pres. Romeo Blue – That Music (D-Floorfiller Mix)
11. Fits of Gloom – To Love (Extended Mix)
12. Cappella – U Got 2 Let the Music (Pagany KM 1972 Mix)
13. Capella – Move On Baby (House Mix)
14. Elevation – Can You Feel It (Extended Mix)
15. DJ Scott – Do You Wanna Party (Steppin’ Out Mix)
16. R.T.Z – In the Name of Love (Original Mix)
17. Pan Position – Elephant Paw (Club Mix)
18. Dyewitness – Observing the Earth
19. Felix – Don’t You Want Me (Candy Girls Remix)

An FAQ To Absinth – 2001 – Trance – GET IT
01. Awex – It’s Our Future (Live At Love Parade ‘95)
02. Drax Ltd III – Amphetamine (Original Mix)
03. Sourmash – Pilgramage To Paradise (Barrel Beat Mix)
04. Marmion – Schoneberg (Marmion Remix))
05. XVX III – Illuminatae (Tierra Del Fuego)
06. Jens – Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix)
07. Westbam – Celebration Generation (Maximal Mix)
08. Aapogee – The Force (Come To The Dark Side Mix)
09. Force Mass Motion – The Code (Original Mix)
10. Noctune – The Truth The Light (Original Mix)
11. Mrs Wood – Joanna (Sash! Remix)
12. Datura – El Sueno (Nagul I Mix)
13. Nexus 6 – Tres Chich (Original Mix)
14. Mega’Lo Mania – The Finest (Original Mix)
15. Snap – The First The Last Eternity [Till the End] (GDC Mix)
16. Our House – Floor Space (Balls ‘n’ All Mix)

In Your Face – 2001 – Hardhouse – GET IT
01. Soul Searcher – Just Can’t Get Enough (Trance Remix)
02. Slider – Pulse (Original Mix)
03. Ayla – Ayla (Veracocha Remix)
04. Miss Shiva – Dreams (Sunbeam Mix)
05. Marc et Claude – Ne (Moonman’s Flashover Mix)
06. Progress – Everybody (Yomanda Mix Edit)
07. BK & DBM – Let the Beat Go (BK’S Pick It Up Mix)
08. Pete Wardman – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘em (Wisheewood Dub)
09. Lock ‘N’ Load – Blow Ya Mind (DJ Ziad Remix)
10. Cortina – Higher (BK Mix)
11. Phenomania – Who Is Elvis (Steve Thomas Mix)
12. Karim – On the Move (Original Mix)

Down To The Bone – 2002 – Hardhouse – GET IT
01. Tall Paul – Rock Da House (Fergie Remix)
02. DJ Supreme – Horns of Jerico (DJ Scott Project Remix)
03. Buzz – Gravity Boys (Tuff Twins Remix)
04. 2 Fierce – Down to the Bone (Elvira Remix)
05. The Phat Controller – Pump Up the Pressure (Knuckleheadz Remix)
06. Ghetto Pimp – Ghetto Pimp (Rubec Remix)
07. S & M – Life in the City (V.G. 2001 Mix)
08. Kai + Viper – Base Come Down (Original Mix)
09. Jigsawman – Stomp [Now Get On Up] (Original Mix)
10. Soulman – The Rhythm (Remix 1)
11. Paul Clarke & M. Ramone – Get-In-Funky (Original Mix)
12. Eufex – Feel Good (Original Mix)

Positiva – 2012 – House – GET IT
01. Hyper Go Go – Never Let Go (Piano mix)
02. Kenny Dope Presents The Bucketheads – The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind Radio Edit)
03. The Lisa Marie Experience – Do That To Me (The Lisa Marie Vocal Experience Mix Part 1)
04. Kodac – The Nighttrain (Original Mix)
05. Poker Pets – Lovin You (Raul Rincon Remix)
06. Outrage – Tall N Handsome (Nush Club Mix)
07. Diva Surprise feat. Georgia Jones – On The Top Of The World (Original Mix)
08. hyper go go – Raise (The Classic Mix)
09. Marc Et Claude – La (Moonman’s Flashover Mix)
10. BBE – Flash (Extended Mix)
11. DJ Quicksilver – Planet Love (Maxi Version)
12. Brainbug – Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Mix)
13. DJ Quicksilver – Free (Club Mix)
14. BBE – Seven Days & One Week (Dex N Jonesey Philharmonic Mix)

Rising Sun – 2012 – House – GET IT
01. Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher (Original Mix).mp3
02. Avicii – Levels (Original Mix).mp3
03. Flo Rida – Good Feeling.mp3
04. Basto – Again and Again (Extended Mix).mp3
05. Cobra Starship Ft Sabi – You Make Me Feel (Disco Fries Extended Mix).mp3
06. DBerrie – Rising Sun (Original Mix).mp3
07. Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat (Original Mix).mp3
08. Graham Sahara & Central Avenue – Drives Me Crazy (Club Mix).mp3
09. Tradelove – Let’s Party (Original Mix).mp3
10. David Jones, Diva & Jones – Feelove (Original Mix).mp3
11. Polina Griffith, Ralph Good – SOS feat. Polina Griffith (Original Mix).mp3
12. Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (East & Young Remix).mp3
13. Milk & Sugar – Let The Love (Take Over) Feat. Ayak (Milk & Sugar Global Mix).mp3
14. Marcel, Stefano Pain – My House (Main Booty Mix).mp3

Party Of The Decade – 2012 – House – GET IT
01. Oasis vs. ACDC vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex – Internet Friends And Scary Monsters Back In Wonderwall [DJs From Mars]
02. Tradelove – Seven Nation Army (Club Mix)
03. Sean Finn – Such A Good Feeling (Crazibiza Remix)
04 .Criminal Vibes – Easy Lover (Club Mix)
05. Cop And Thief – Flamenco (Jl And Afterman Remix)
06. Makimi Mura – Revolution (Lookback Remix)
07. 2Elements – Tell Me Boy (Deepdisco Remix)
08. John Jacobsen And Pink Fluid – Be With You (Extended Mix)
09. Pirupa – Get Funky (Original Mix)
10. Plastik Funk & Dave Kurtis – House Music (Original Mix)
11. Joey Negro, Z Factor – Keep On Jumpin’ (Luigi Rocca Remix)
12. Matty Menck And Social Phunk – Are You Ready For Love (Original Club Mix)
13. Yakka – You Turn Me On (Gary Caos Remix)

Less Is More – 2013 – Minimal – GET IT
01. Daniel Portman – Something In The Air (Original Mix)
02. Glitter – Format It (Original Mix)
03. Scotty Lee, Keesh – DeJa Vu (Original Mix)
04. Mark Dekoda – Crackin (Original Mix)
05. Gui Rodriguez, Ventil Shape – Silent Hill
06. Ventil Shape – The Airplane (Original Mix)
07. Good Intention – Chicks (Original Mix)
08. Daniel Portman – You’re Not Alone (Original Mix)
09. Ahmet Sendil – Where Are My Headphones (Original Mix)
10. Mounsie – Turkey Business
11. Avrosse – Disco Shit (Original Mix)
12. Daniel Portman – The Crowd (Original Mix)

It’s On Like Donkey Kong

So this weekend just gone I was invited to play a set at an Old Skool Rave event. Besides the odd friends party or BBQ, sets are rare these days… It felt good to take over the decks in front of a real crowd, and didn’t they love it!  Now, this may sound like I am blowing my own horn a little bit, but I’m going to say it anyway… I keep getting people telling me what an absolutely awesome set it was, in person, on Facebook and over the text messages…. well I’m thrilled that you all liked it and that it went down really well. I had spent about six weeks working through the back catalogue of tracks that I had personally created, I exported them from the old Pro Bars & Pipes files on the Amiga (yes Amiga! that’s what I used to write all my tracks on) and pulled them all into Cubase on my studio PC, I then set about remixing and re-mastering them all, in total I ended up with eight tracks that I thought I could play. Interestingly I made no changes to the structure of these songs but I did mix them  in a modern way so they are much louder and brighter…. and boy! the difference is like chalk and cheese, the tracks could be modern tracks released just yesterday….

But don’t take my word for it, take a listen yourself. I have prepared a spacial mix for you all, I have re-recorded the set I play at the party, ‘It’s On Like Donkey Kong’….. I did change the track list slightly to include two of my tracks that I didn’t get to play on the night, but don’t stress they are just as good as all the others….. enjoy….

And as per usual you can get a direct download of the mp3 HERE

It’s On Like Donkey Kong by Steve Reaver on Mixcloud


A New Mix

Took some time this week to make a new mix up, only thing is it’s all old music. Since I have been going through the exercise of recording all my vinyl’s to mp3 I have discovered that I had a hell of a lot of Trance music from the 90′ in particual 1997…. go figure! Anyway it got me inspired to put a few of them into a mix and here we are. It was my goal this year to make one mix a month, so far I have done two! Time to get cracking and put out ten more in the next two months! Enjoy….

If you want to download the mp3 for yourself you can get it HERE