The Build Begins

Why am I freaking out ? Building a studio should be a good thing, right ? It’s something that all musicians dream of, a place to work without distractions away from the day to day grind of everyday living, a creative space. But at the moment I feel exactly the opposite….. Stressed out and worried, I’m not even doing any of the work yet. There are three builders in the backyard putting everything together and every time I go and take a look at where they are up to I get a sense that the project is just getting more and more out of control. The walls get higher, the yard seems smaller, and to roof is not even on yet. I did get a sense of this recently when we did some landscaping in the front yard, but not this bad. This is a roller coaster.

I recently quit my job of 20 years aswell, so things are compounding. It was a great job, I had flexible working hours, I was in a senior position the pay was not that bad, so why did I quit….? Well it was the only job I had ever had since school and it was time to go and try something different. Working for myself perhaps….

My hope was that pouring all this out onto a page would somehow make me feel better and get things straight in my head, I don’t know how effective it has been. Anyway here is a picture of the stupid studio……