A New Mix

Took some time this week to make a new mix up, only thing is it’s all old music. Since I have been going through the exercise of recording all my vinyl’s to mp3 I have discovered that I had a hell of a lot of Trance music from the 90′ in particual 1997…. go figure! Anyway it got me inspired to put a few of them into a mix and here we are. It was my goal this year to make one mix a month, so far I have done two! Time to get cracking and put out ten more in the next two months! Enjoy….

If you want to download the mp3 for yourself you can get it HERE



A Mix for John

I have now promised myself that I will start blogging again everyday, It shouldn’t be hard. I just need to be less lazy!  This is the first of a long run I’m sure….. I have something very special here today, a mix that I have done for a friend of mine. Sadly he passed away recently and my last conversation with him was about how he had enjoyed my music and I promised him a mix, this is the mix I promised him. I have posted it here for you all to enjoy. If you would like an mp3 version for you iPod then get it HERE

Rock’n it Suckers

Today we have something very special. A DJ mix just recently done by a good friend of mine, DJ Unknown, he has been experimenting recently with Jackin House music and this is his current tune selection. Personally, It’s nothing like the style that I play, but I find it very enjoyable to listen to, very funky….. I’ve also made this avaliable on my Soundcloud


August 1997

Another day, another mix tape. And once again it’s a really creative title, August 1997…. Ummm I guess that is when I recorded it. Sound quality and mixing is MUCH MUCH better in this one mainly due to the use of a Chrome tape, a higher recording position gives much less noise on the tape. This has one of my favourite all time tracks on it, Slacker – Scared (The Lonely Traveller) Pump it and enjoy….

1995 was a big year!

Yet more goodness from the world of tapes. This one is imaginatively called May 1995 because that is what it said on the label on the tape, in fact it said ‘DJ Reaver 21/5/95’ , which was a Sunday. The mixing is much better in this one, boarding on almost ok. I am happy with the sound quality too and did not need to do much to fix it…. You might be interested to hear that I’m typing this up while listing to Jimmy j & Cru-l-t – take me away (slipmatt remix) which I hear Slipmatt will be remaking…. or then again you may not.

Give me a breakbeat !

Here’s a mix that I have had tucked away for some time. It’s not rescued from a tape like the others, it’s a CD mix that I made back in 2000. Don’t know why but I never released it. I do think I boched the mastering a bit and cranked the mastering compressor too much, oh well…..But hey this mix includes one of my tracks…!!

I’ll just leave it as this, here is what I wrote on the inside sleeve of the CD… LOL!

DJ Reaver will be the first to tell you that mixing records is all about fun, and ‘Break Of Dawn’ certainly is fun.

This CD represents hardcore music from an era that was all about cheesy rip offs and girly piano samples, elements which combined with a party crowd could only mean one thing, a good night out!

As per usual the track selection from DJ Reaver is perfect, all thirteen tracks define the essence of hardcore breakbeat, with a style of mixing that can only emphasis the fun elements of the music.

Be sure the keep this CD handy and take a hit any time you are in need of a lift.

Track List

01. ALK-E-D – Home > Dj Hame Remix
02. JJ – 99 Balloons > Original Mix
03. Happy Division – You Make Me Happy > Original Mix
04. DJ Poosie – It’s Gonna Be > Original Mix
05. DJ Brisk – Airhead > SMD Remix
06. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Take Me Away > Slipmatt Remix
07. Dougal – Hold On > Original Mix
08. DJ DNA – Reality > Justin Time Remix
09. Billy “Daniel” Bunter + D-Zyne – Ride Like The Wind > Original Mix
10. Sunset Regime & Billy Bunter – You Make Me Feel > Original Mix
11. DJ Reaver – It Makes Me Feel > Original Mix
12. Undercover Elephant – Scratch DJ > Original Mix
13. Redstart – 4 Me & 4u > Original Mix
14. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness > Original Mix